20 Unique Carousel Tattoo Designs for Horse-Lovers

Equestrians are finding inspiration for their new artwork from the barn as carousel tattoos become increasingly popular. Small equine-themed tattoos, such as bits, spurs, or horseshoes, are common among horse owners. But these incredible works of art aren’t only for horse enthusiasts! Carousel tattoos and symbols can symbolize a lot of different things.

Carousel tattoos represent the freedom and strength that horses are known for. Bravery, grace, beauty, and companionship are some of the other horse tattoo meanings. Carousel horses, such as a black horse symbolizing death and a white horse symbolizing nobility, are also popular.

In our horse meaning and symbolism guide, learn more about what carousels mean.

Symbolism of Carousel Tattoo

A carousel tattoo’s symbolism is directly linked to circles and wheels: Magical characteristics have traditionally been associated with the circle. It is regarded to be the purest and most meaningful symbol ever created. It doesn’t have a beginning or an end. Carousels, like wheels, suggest motion: cyclical, repeating motion with ups and downs. As a metaphor, carousels have various universal connotations, most of which deal with the idealized innocence of youth.

20 Carousel Tattoo Ideas

Check out the carousel tattoo ideas that I have specially prepared for you. You can create a tattoo model of your own by customizing the colors and lines.

carousel tattoo ideas 3
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carousel tattoo ideas 6
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