BTS Jung Kook’s Tattoos With Their Meanings (Updated 2022)

Jungkook tattoos are very curious by their fans called “ARMY”. We will share with you all the tattoos of Jungkook, the main vocalist and youngest member of BTS, and we will also look at each of their meanings.

The members of the legendary K-pop group BTS pay a lot of attention to their style and image. So much so that even the slightest change they make does not escape the eyes of fans known as “ARMY”. Naturally, the tattoos that BTS member Jungkook started to get in 2019 also made a lot of noise.

Since BTS members usually wear long-sleeved clothes in their videos and live performances, Jangkook’s tattoos were not fully visible. Jangkook even used flesh-colored bands in one of his performances to cover the tattoos on his hand.

However, in the 5th episode of Bon Voyage 4, which consists of behind-the-scenes footage of BTS, it was seen that Jongkook’s arm was covered with tattoos while wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt.

On the other hand, the secret of these tattoos, which the Korean pop world has been discussing for a while, seems to have finally been solved.

According to Elite Daily, fans have seen a total of 15 tattoos on Jungkook so far.

All of Jungkook Tattoos and Their Meanings

jungkook tattoo hand
jungkook hand tattoo

Jungkook’s love for tattoos actually goes way back. According to Nicki Swift, the singer said in 2014 when he was only 16 years old that he wanted to get a tattoo when he grew up.

However, Jungkook’s first tattoo was seen in September 2019. At that time, Jungkook got the ARMY tattoo on his hand, which is quite famous today, and fans thought that this tattoo was a reference to them. The heart-shaped symbol and ARMY logo on his hand also confirmed this.

However, fans are still unable to agree on what the crown tattoo on Jungkook’s index finger symbolizes. The “0613” number tattoo on his right thumb is thought to symbolize the date of June 13, when BTS debuted.

You might think that Jungkook is running out of room for another tattoo on his right hand. But the singer also has an emoji on his middle finger. According to Emojipedia, it means “confused”.

jungkook arm tattoos
jungkook arm tattoos

Let’s talk about the tattoos the singer got on his right arm…

Two tattoos stand out here: A skeleton hand and Nirvana lyrics.

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In a live broadcast in April 2018, Jungkook stated his life motto as “Rather be dead than cool”. These words from Nirvana’s Stay Away are interpreted by fans that Jungkook is not an ordinary person and feels different. It seems that Jungkook wanted to engrave this motto on his body.

jungkook tattoo 3
jungkook tattoo 3

In one of the BTS’s latest video clips “ON”, Jungkook wore a black jacket, but fans managed to catch the mysterious tattoo on his shoulder.

You can see Jungkook’s tattoos in BTS’s “ON” music video.

Although the tattoo is not clearly visible, it is suspected to be a symbol of the angel.

Another Jungkook’s tattoo, also seen for a moment in the clip of the song ON, is located on the inside of the singer’s right arm. Fans who zoom in and analyze the image think that the word “truth” is written.

jungkook right arm tattoos
jungkook lower arm tattoo

The music video for ON seems to have contributed a lot to the data that fans have been collecting for a year. In a scene in the clip, 3 black lines are seen on Jungkook’s right arm. According to fans, this could be part of the flag of South Korea, Jungkook’s homeland.

Another tattoo seen in the same scene appears to be a tiger lily. It is claimed that it says “Please love me” underneath it.

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jungkook inner arm tatoos
junglook lower arm tattoo 2

Thanks to the clip of the song ON, fans were also aware of the other mysterious tattoo on the inside of Jungkook’s arm. However, it is hard to tell what it is as the praise appears on the screen for a moment.

Still, Jungkook’s love for tattoo ink doesn’t seem to be going away. That’s why fans are paying attention and waiting for new images.

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