30 Best Mortal Kombat Tattoo Ideas for Fans

Mortal kombat tattoos are usually large and futuristic designs. People usually prefer these tattoos on the arm or back area. If you have no previous tattoo experience, getting a Mortal Kombat tattoo can be very painful for you, so they are not recommended as a first tattoo.

Why Mortal Kombat Tattoos are Popular Nowadays?

Mortal Kombat, which has been a very popular game since the 1990s, has millions of fans around the world. If you’re interested in martial arts you probably know about this game. Some fans love this game enough to have mortal kombat characters tattooed on their bodies. The character you want to get a tattoo of maybe your childhood idol, or you can choose this tattoo model just for its magnificent designs. Usually, Scorpion Mortal Kombat Tattoos are one of the most demanded tattoo designs.

If you’re a Mortal Kombat fan, you’ll want to get a Mortal Kombat tattoo. These tattoos are very intricate and can be a great option for a large-scale tattoo. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also impressive. People who have a passion for the Mortal Kombat franchise will love this tattoo! It’s the ultimate way to show off your favorite video game to people.

Best Fighters You Should Know Before Getting Mortal Kombat Tattoo

The Mortal Kombat has many great fighters, but the most popular are the ones that can fight the biggest foes. There are three different fighter classes.

Tier A characters are the best. They have good sets of moves and combos and can easily defeat their opponents such as Scorpion, Liu Kang, Sub Zero, Erron Black, Cassie Cage, Jacqui, Rain, and Jade. You can also use them to win every match. People usually get a Mortal Kombat tattoo of tier A characters.

A Mortal Kombat tattoo design featuring Sub-Zero is another popular choice. The two characters, Scorpion and Sub-Zero, are a favorite of fans. If you’re looking for a unique design, you can get custom-made artwork featuring your favorite characters. You’ll be happy with the results. If you want to get a custom-made Mortal Kombat tattoo, you’ll find many designs that are made to be unique and stylish.

However, you should know that Tier B characters are not as good as Tier A. These characters are still great to play and are ideal for trying out new ideas. Although not as much as level 1 characters, some people like level 2 characters more such as and want their tattoos on their body. So, which fighter class is right for you? Before you decide, you should look at the mortal kombat tattoo ideas that we have created specifically for you.

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Tattoo

The Scorpion is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting video game series. Developed by Midway Games and NetherRealm Studios, the character is an undead ninja with a vengeful streak. His primary weapon is a kunai spear. In the fighting game series, the Scorpion fights against a variety of characters. That’s why the scorpion character has a lot of fans and some of them get a Scorpion tattoo on their body.

Subzero Tattoo

The character of Sub-Zero was created by John Tobias, who also designed the other Mortal Kombat characters. The character was based on the ancient Chinese ninja, and Richard Divizio was a major contributor. Midway Games canceled the game in 1997, but later decided to give it another chance. In addition to drawing from the real-life ninjas, Tobias also drew inspiration for Sub-Zero from historical accounts of the Lin Kuei.

In Mortal Kombat, Sub-Zero has a more explicit villain role than he had in the first film. He’s now a brutal antihero, and the fights between him and other characters are fiercer than before. Sub-Zero is now a more colorful and appealing character in the franchise. As a result, his popularity has increased over the years.

Cassie Cage Tattoo

Cassie Cage, the daughter of Johnny Cage, is also excellent for the Mortal Kombat Tattoo idea. She inherited her father’s superhuman strength and has a signature move called the Glow Kick. Shadow Energy causes her body to glow green. She is one of the strongest fighters in the game, and her moves are amazing.

Liu Kang Tattoo

One of the best Mortal Kombat characters is Liu Kang. He has a great range of attacks and is a fantastic thrower of fireballs. If you are a fan of Liu Kang, then you may consider getting a Liu Kang Tattoo on your body.

Colorful Mortal Kombat Tattoos

colorful mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: brawnsoone_tattoo
mortal kombat tattoo idea
Image Source: kdktattoos
big subzero mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: dctattoos_colin
mortal kombat tattoo realistic
Image Source: bckstgspb
scorpion mortal kombat tattoo on hand
Image Source: dannydismember
mortal kombat arm tattoo
Image Source: cesarbandachavez
half black half colorful mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: thebeeink
minimal mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: nanddafoxtattoo
dainty mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: lado_nulo
vs. mortal kombat tattoo design
Image Source: geektats
big and colorful mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: seventattoolv
detailed mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: chino_inks
red and orange mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: aramayotattoos
mortal kombat tattoo for inner arm
Image Source: diegoshogun
big mortal kombat tattoo on arm
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futuristic and colorful mortal kombat tattoo
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Black Mortal Kombat Tattoo Ideas

black mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: cry_babytattoo
mortal kombat black tattoo design
Image Source: munozfcoart
minimal black mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: volnatattoo836
black detailed mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: ojodegato.hmo
black mortal kombat tattoo on arm
Image Source: panyiklenard
mortal kombat tattoo on leg
Image Source: american_tattoo_authority
mortal kombat ankle tattoo
Image Source: andyjbrugge
big and black mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: gui.sanson
scorpion mortal kombat tattoo
Image Source: lucasfcarriel
black mortal kombat tattoo for arm
Image Source: krimsonkev
mortal kombat tattoo ideas
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mortal kombat tattoo models
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black mortal kombat tattoo idea
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