Sagittarius tattoo represents the energy and strength of those born between November 23 and December 21. If you are looking for ideas that represent your zodiac sign, be sure to visit our image gallery where you can find the best pictures of Sagittarius tattoos from all over the net.

Tattoos of Sagittarius are a very popular attraction for both ink and horoscope lovers. Additionally, getting a zodiac tattoo is one of the best methods for Sagittarians in particular to convey their personality traits and way of life.

Sagittarius tattoo
sagittarius tattoo
sagittarius tattoo idea
sagittarius tattoo ideas


Sagittarius tattoos represent the personality that characterizes those born under this zodiac sign. In this sense, Sagittarians are very optimistic people, open-minded and eager to live adventures. Freedom is a fundamental element in their lives, that’s why tattoo designs related to this concept are a good idea to represent the personality of Sagittarius, as well as mythological tattoos.

It is a fire sign, so Sagittarians are very energetic and courageous people. And all these characteristics that define the personality of those born under this zodiac sign is the main message conveyed by Sagittarius tattoos.

sagittarius tattoo on the lower arm
female sagittarius tattoo


When it comes to getting a tattoo that reflects the Sagittarius personality on your skin, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. The most typical or popular is the centaur since it is precisely the symbol that represents this zodiac sign. Thus, there are many who choose to get a tattoo of the archer centaur, which is the undisputed symbol of Sagittarius. Half horse, half man, it is a representation that transmits a lot of energy and strength. The bow is also a symbol of dexterity, intelligence and power. Like centaurs, Sagittarians are impulsive, and this tattoo represents this type of personality that is so attractive to others but can be unpredictable at the same time.

But if you prefer something more simplified and discreet, you can opt for a tattoo of the bow or simply the arrow. In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, this design also carries other implicit meanings: protection, security, friendship, love, movement, the need to overcome…

There are also those who prefer to get a tattoo of the word “Sagittarius”. This is a design that allows you to play with the typography to achieve the effect you want to achieve. And is that the font can give an elegant touch to the tattoo, or vitality.

Another Sagittarius tattoo option is the constellation. This is a very original and very aesthetic design that will give a touch of mysticism to your new tattoo.

If you want to see other options, be sure to visit the gallery of images and photos we have prepared for you.

sagittarius tattoo on upper arm


If you get a Sagittarius tattoo, you’ll be capturing on your skin a series of characteristics that define the personality of those born under this zodiac sign. Sagittarius, as we mentioned before, are optimistic people, full of vitality and energy. They tend to be leaders, but at the same time they are impulsive.

Therefore, it is clear that they are people with a lot of self-confidence and capable of arousing motivation in others. They tend to be guided by their instincts, which means they are usually good at overcoming all kinds of difficulties. But Sagittarians are also impatient and conscientious.

The symbols of the archer, the centaur and the arrow perfectly represent all the characteristics we have talked about. Although you can also opt for other more original designs such as the Sagittarius constellation. Here are some photos of the best Sagittarius tattoos on the Internet so you can get inspired.

sagittarius tattoo female


The best way to find inspiration to create the perfect design for you is to see many examples. And to save you the hassle of wasting time and searching through different websites we have taken it upon ourselves to create a compilation of the best Sagittarius tattoo ideas on the internet. This way you will have the opportunity to compare different designs, see which styles best fit your personality, which ones you like the most, in which parts of the body you think your Sagittarius tattoo will look better on.

minimalistic sagittarius zodiac tattoo
sagittarius tattoo
male sagittarius tattoo
sagittarius tattoo on wrist
sagittarius tattoo black inked
colorful sagittarius tattoo
half sleeve sagittarius tattoo
half sleeve sagittarius tattoo
unique and colorful sagittarius tattoo
black sagittarius tattoo
sagittarius tattoo ideas 6
sagittarius tattoo on the rib
sagittarius tattoo on the rib
black inked sagittarius tattoo
feminen sagittarius tattoo
sagittarius tattoo drawing
sagittarius sign tattoo drawing
sagittarius tattoo on shoulder
zodiac tattoo on shoulder
Minimalistic Sagittarius tattoo on wrist
Minimalistic Sagittarius tattoo on wrist
sagittarius tattoo ideas
sagittarius tattoo ideas
sagittarius tattoo on ankle
sagittarius wrist tattoo
sagittarius tattoo ideas (5)
tattoos of sagittarius
tattoos of sagittarius

We have created this blog post to help those who are going to get a Sagittarius Tattoo to make a decision. I hope you liked the black or colored designs we shared with you. By adding different symbols or different colors to your tattoo, you can customize it as you wish and have a tattoo that is completely yours.

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