30 Unique Sneaker Tattoo Ideas

Sneakers – They are more than just a functional pair of sneakers, they are a cultural movement that brings in billions of dollars every year and has fans all over the world. Sneakers first came into fashion in the 1970s. Brands like Converse or Nike quickly became a real cult.

In the case of Converse, the basketball player Chuck Taylor ensured a constantly increasing popularity. Taylor influenced this brand more than any other athlete of that time. At Nike, it was primarily the player Michael Jordan who turned the company into the world’s top sports brand. In 1984, the shoe “Air Jordan” was presented for the first time and included in the assortment of sporting goods.

Here we have no less than 30 motifs of the most diverse tattoo styles, all dedicated to the same theme: sneakers, sneakers that became a way of life.

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